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Most Texans live their lives in three types of places, inside buildings, inside cars and between cars and buildings. This lifestyle was very much proven real in today's study. Almost everyone that passed by on the sidewalk was walking from a parking garage to their office building. The distance between the two is usually no more than a block and the time it takes to travel it is minimal. Therefore I am wondering what would happen to public life if parking garages were placed further away from destinations. Would people walk more, would they ask someone to drop them off or would people start using public transportation? I am not sure, however, it would be an interesting experiment to run. So, if anyone is interested, let me know.
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There is not a whole lot to say about today's study. However, I would love to share a few images from the place I went. It is a beautiful park that I wish more people used.

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When you step into public spaces you have to assume that someone might see you and watch what you do. This is nothing new, however, today you also need to assume there might be either a CCTV camera or policemen spying on you. They are there to make the space safe but I wonder if there is a limit where they actually make you uncomfortable?

This morning I did a study in Sundance Square, which is known to be one of the safest downtowns in America. One of the reasons for this is the multiple policemen patrolling at all times There are also several cameras and being surrounded by it made me uncomfortable. Maybe that is just me but it made me wonder if there are any other ways to keep people safe in public spaces? I am not entirely sure yet but I will definitely look for solutions as I continue my study.
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Ever since I lived in Fort Worth have I known that I couldn't go anywhere without a car. Toady, I started my street study in the city and so far it confirmed my previous experience. 

The street I went to is in the middle of the hospital district and one would think that there would be doctors and nurses walking around as they should know how important it is for your health to walk. This was not the case. Instead, I saw people parking their cars right outside where they were going, doing their errand and returning to their car. It felt strange and it made me miss Europe actually. When will I find a street in America that is busy because of pedestrians? I don't know but maybe it is about time we figure out a way to walk inside the cars as they seem impossible to get rid of them? I know it might sound silly but I'm getting a bit desperate about this...

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Today it's the 1st of May and when I went to Grand Park this morning, to do another study, people were setting up for the big May Day Parade. I can't join myself and therefore, I decided to have my own little march here on the blog. So, here we go, and surprise surprise, I will talk about the street,

Today we constantly talk about the need for open meeting places, like social media. However, it is a different to meet someone in person, as it allows us to read emotions and expressions better. Therefore, I don't believe that interaction in a physical space can be replaced by phones and computers, We simply need to find more meeting places.

However, in places like LA, where most people travel protected in cars, it's easy to remain by yourself and only meet strangers via social media. Travel time is otherwise a great time to see new faces; since most people do it every day along the same roads. That is why I think that streets should target pedestrians. Then we would go from A to B without a metal shield around us and consequently, we could see and meet new people.

Walking is also good because of pollution, health, and safety. So, to end all of this I like to say that I actually think that many of the world's problems could be solved if we left our cars at home more often, designed cities for people and started to walk through them. Naive, maybe yes, but I guess that is what May Day Parade is for, dream big and raise your voice about it!

The guy's sign says F*ck Trump and I definitely don't think he will be the only one carrying one of those signs today...
The guy's sign says F*ck Trump and I definitely don't think he will be the only one carrying one of those signs today...
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