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MAP: https://singaporegreenspaces.wordpress.com/pictures/ MAP: https://singaporegreenspaces.wordpress.com/pictures/

Before I came to Singapore I was amazed about how green and integrated the city seemed to be. Unfortunately, this picture has changed during my three months here. It surprises me how I often I end up in conversations where people talk about environmental and social sustainability as a trend and something that you can ignore. Especially since it's the norm in large parts of Europe. 

However, it is true that there are many green areas and there are trees planted along most roads. Unfortunately this doesn't make the people living here more conscious of how they behave in terms of sustainability. For example, most people eat all their meals either in a restaurant or take away and if you eat in the restaurant you would never ask for doggie bag and if you order take away there is always the disposable packaging. Another example is the love of plastic bags in the food stores. If they put two cartons of milk in one bag they would always "double bag" it in case one plastic bag would break. Lastly, all of this trash that these behaviours cumulate is incredible difficult to recycle. Where I live there is only one recycle bin for the whole condominium. So, all the leftover food, plastic bags and takeaway boxes end up in the same land field, unless you're lucky and through away your recyclables before the recycling bin is overfull.

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