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Frederick "Fritz" Steiner leaves the architecture department at University of Texas due to the new gun laws. Read more here.

I'm a big fan of tradition, all the advices it gives us and special moments it brings us. However, when I found out this morning that my friends at universities in Texas can be surrounded by holsters carrying guns legally, starting August this year, I think I have to withdraw my love for tradition. I understand the complications with the gun laws in the US relatively well, although I think we need to realize that it is time to tighten the regulations regarding guns rather then easing them up. Until this happens, I pray that my friends and their friends will feel safe going to school everyday. 

Yesterday my friend asked me about my favorite word and my answer to her was cozy. Since then I have not stopped thinking about her question and I think I have changed my mind. My favorite word is actually no longer cozy but anxiety. Sorry Brittany I know how much you like when I say cozy,

The word anxiety contains both an x and a y, two very beautiful letters, and most importantly, its meaning is the most magnificent thing we all carry with us every day. Personally, I have loads of anxiety at times, much due to personal expection and fair of failure, and this is my biggest strength. I almost only get anxious about things I care about. Therefore, I use it as my tool to know that I'm doing the right thing. I thank you God for often being so clear about that. At the same time it helps me to know when to take a break and do something else for a little while. Otherwise, I easily become too absorbed in what I do and stress starts to build up. SO, anxiety is my new answer to you Daisy and I will definitely copy Roland Hjort's sweater idea above.

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