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Before I came to Singapore I was amazed about how green and integrated the city seemed to be. Unfortunately, this picture has changed during my three months here. It surprises me how I often I end up in conversations where people talk about environmental and social sustainability as a trend and something that you can ignore. Especially since it's the norm in large parts of Europe. 

However, it is true that there are many green areas and there are trees planted along most roads. Unfortunately this doesn't make the people living here more conscious of how they behave in terms of sustainability. For example, most people eat all their meals either in a restaurant or take away and if you eat in the restaurant you would never ask for doggie bag and if you order take away there is always the disposable packaging. Another example is the love of plastic bags in the food stores. If they put two cartons of milk in one bag they would always "double bag" it in case one plastic bag would break. Lastly, all of this trash that these behaviours cumulate is incredible difficult to recycle. Where I live there is only one recycle bin for the whole condominium. So, all the leftover food, plastic bags and takeaway boxes end up in the same land field, unless you're lucky and through away your recyclables before the recycling bin is overfull.

Have you ever thought about the fact that much of our sustainability talk in the west focuses on local produce and materials. In Sweden we also talk about our tuff sourcing and farming regulations that tries to prevent the industry from harming the environment. 

So, what do you do when you're in a country that has to import everything because there is no land to farm or sources to source? Well, you import and consequently Singapore's shelves and catalogs are filled with foreign products. I'm not sure if this also is why Singaporeans seem to think that it is the same to get your stone from your neighboring country as sourcing it from Europe? I can only conclude from my time here so far that many people desire either the cheep fake option or the exclusive; often beeing brought over from Europe.,

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The day to worship the moon is apparently today. The kids run around with lanterns, everyone shares moon cakes and the streets are decorated. You are also suppose to pray to the moon and it is said that its spirit could get you married., Unfortunately, I do not believe this. But since I find the moon very beautiful I will still take part in this holiday by enjoying all the lanterns and eating all the moon cakes I come across.

What I think about this holiday is actually very similar to what I think, about my time here in Singapore with RT+Q Architects. It is a firm that I highly admire, feel endlessly welcome at and where I learn new things every hour. I respect them very much and I am thankful that I get to work here. However, many of you know that I some times struggle to empathize with building designs that have no environmental or social benefit. So when I said yes to this internship it was in order to learn more about how you approach these topics when extravagant design and luxury materials rather tend to be the focus. Therefore, I am enjoying my time working within the “Good Class Bungalow” market without necessarily committing my believes to it.


No words have been written here in a while but much have happened. I have finished my bachelor, said goodbye to Glasgow, traveled Scotland, visited London and moved back to Sweden. It has been one of the most adrenaline packed times in my life but it has also made me realize how the complexity of the Glasgow School of Art lets its students down. The school is one of the places where I have met the most incredible people in my life and therefore it makes me sad that the institute does not seem to trust them. Student's proposed projects are often turned down, pushed away or discouraged and I wish it would be the opposite. Hopefully the recent movements within the school will be heard and things changed in the near future.

However, in this "leaving Glasgow post", I would also like to lift up a few people that works for the school and who have made my time there very special. Thank you Ambrose, Lee, Tilo, Stewart, Suzanne and Nick for being bold and finding the energy to run your race within the narrow frames of the school. You have inspired me greatly! And since I am now starting my search for another university (where I can study my master) I hope that I will find more people like you.

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Scandinavian as I am, I just like to highlight one of my favorite collaborations COS and HAY. Check out their rcollection here.

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The last month I have had visits from many dear friends and it has made me realize that maybe it's about time I give you a list of my favorite places in Glasgow. So here it comes my wee guide to Glasgow.

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Frederick "Fritz" Steiner leaves the architecture department at University of Texas due to the new gun laws. Read more here.

I'm a big fan of tradition, all the advices it gives us and special moments it brings us. However, when I found out this morning that my friends at universities in Texas can be surrounded by holsters carrying guns legally, starting August this year, I think I have to withdraw my love for tradition. I understand the complications with the gun laws in the US relatively well, although I think we need to realize that it is time to tighten the regulations regarding guns rather then easing them up. Until this happens, I pray that my friends and their friends will feel safe going to school everyday. 

Yesterday my friend asked me about my favorite word and my answer to her was cozy. Since then I have not stopped thinking about her question and I think I have changed my mind. My favorite word is actually no longer cozy but anxiety. Sorry Brittany I know how much you like when I say cozy,

The word anxiety contains both an x and a y, two very beautiful letters, and most importantly, its meaning is the most magnificent thing we all carry with us every day. Personally, I have loads of anxiety at times, much due to personal expection and fair of failure, and this is my biggest strength. I almost only get anxious about things I care about. Therefore, I use it as my tool to know that I'm doing the right thing. I thank you God for often being so clear about that. At the same time it helps me to know when to take a break and do something else for a little while. Otherwise, I easily become too absorbed in what I do and stress starts to build up. SO, anxiety is my new answer to you Daisy and I will definitely copy Roland Hjort's sweater idea above.

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I'm truly passionated about cooking, flavors and how our bodies react to what we eat. Therefore, I thought I share my favorite source of inspiration when it comes to food ->
David and Louise behind
"Green Kitchen Stories".
They have written two incredible books and keeps on updating their blog with new yummy recipes. Have a look for yourself, and try out their cooking, I think you want regret it!
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I have always had an interests in what people wear and don't wear. For a while it was even my dream to work with it. During that time I realized how complicated the clothing industry is.. It is hard to make any so called "right decisions" within it, But there are some people who spread some great inspiration that makes these decisions easier. Currently my favorite is Emma Elwin and all the people behind her site "Make It Last"

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