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Adam Tensta with This Is Home ear rings Adam Tensta with This Is Home ear rings

In all cultures and times we have told our stories and showed our beauty by decorating ourselves with pieces of jewellery. 2015's best example of this, according to me, is the This Is Home collection, designed by the Swedish rapper Adam Tensta and the slow fashion activist and jewellery designer Johanna N. They have worked to share their sense of home by mixing patterns based on their backgrounds in West Africa, Finland, Stockholm's "million project" and the Northern parts of Sweden. Each piece in itself is a manifestation against racism, and I can't wait to wear mine! 

You can find the whole collection here.

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Photo: Natalia Poniatowska Photo: Natalia Poniatowska

I grew up with a mother who always had her camera ready. She has documented everything from classic breakfast bowls to the views from the top of Swedish mountains. We tend to call her our mamarazzi. 

Starting at the art school has given me a new idea of what photography can be. Much thanks to two wonderful friends that I like to acknowledge today. The first one is Barbara Loisch, who was my great flat mate last year. Can only say that I miss our conversations about your projects and the people upstairs. Come back from Cali NOW! The other one is Natalia Poniatowska. She is not only skilled at catching people on film but also at telling her thoughts and stories through photography. 

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Movie directed by Jacob Ström Movie directed by Jacob Ström

Being a girl is one of the most wonderful things according to me. Unfortunately, it is not always treated that way. I hope that this movie will give us a new reminder to why it should be and how it could be.

The movie is commissioned by CARE an organization working for women's rights.
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Every year I find myself talking with my friends about what to give for Christmas. Someone is planning to make something unique, someone else will grab a tax free item at the air-port on their way home, and another one is planning on buying that one special thing someone has wished for. But, there have been countless of times where I personally haven't had a clue what to get. If you find yourself in that same position this year, I would like to give you a little tip - ECPAT's light in the darkness. ECPAT is an organisation working to alleviate and protect young women from trafficking and sexual abuse. This year they have given all of us an opportunity to support their work by buying a christmas present from them. So, if you're stressed about what to give your friends and family, maybe this can take that stress away.

Marry Christmas everyone!
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Serena Williams
Patti Smith Patti Smith

This post is to all the beauty and power. To all those women who do not have the right name to be featured in pirelli''s calander, to the ones who's life would be gone if they stood up for their rights, to every mother and every doughter who take a stand for their beliefes, and for all those who act to give every new born girl a chance to see their dreams come true. 

This is a calander showing women as women are and not what men or money likes us to be.

Watch this video and enjoy the beauty of these powerful women. 
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Haas and Hahn, the initiators of the favela paintings, are two guys I truly like to put under the light. Their way of teaming up with communities to use art, in a large but simple way has brought new value to several places that are often unseen. Have a look at their work, it's definitely worth it!
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