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Some of the workers in Cambodia - Photos by Kenneth Lockhard Some of the workers in Cambodia - Photos by Kenneth Lockhard

This summer I had the privilege to get to know and work with a group of beautiful men and women from Shianoukville in Cambodia. They showed me their way of life and gave me completely new perspectives on what the role of a father, mother, sister or brother could be. Therefore, I would like to highlight them all today, both men and women, because they are all true stars in my eyes.

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At times like this,
maybe we should allow all colors to exist
maybe we should see more than red, white and blue,
maybe we should include pink, purple, black, yellow, green and all the nuances inbetween. 
maybe it's time to love what we can see around us

Today this song - Colors - And all the other lovely works by Laleh
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I have for a long time admired my dear friend Jenny Grettve for the work she does. These socks are favorits in my wardrobe and just one of many great designs by her. Check out the rest here.

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There are lots of great people doing great things. Through this blog I hope to share works that I think have been done better. I hope you will enjoy it! 

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