Does Societal Change start with Architectural Change?

How is our society changing and developing? How could/should architecture respond to these changes?

Many people ask me what I study and I find that the above two questions 
together better explain my master program's focus than its actual name - Urbanism and Societal Change (USC). Because it is through these two questions that we have started every project in the past year and it is simply what leads the studies at the program.

Furthermore, they lay the foundation for our project's initial research phase. This phase later leads to a design phase and lastly an architectural response. However, it is the strong research focus and desire to look forward, that characterize USC. This is a process that I enjoy and something that I think is easily skipped when deadlines are around the corner in an office.

Therefore, I would like to ask today why it is not a natural habit of every architect's practice, rather than something exclusive, happening on the side at different institutions and departments? I do not know, however, I think that as AI is developing and "open source" is a natural part of our daily life, it could be time to question how architecture is practiced traditionally. 

What do you think:

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