What Happens When You're Not Around

Today I did my first study in Malmö and even if see this is my home city it brought me several surprises. First of all, I had planned to go to a street called Friis Gatan, which is a street with several food places and cute stores, but when I arrived there I found out that the section of the street that I was going to study has been pedestrianized...This technically a good thing according to me but as I was going to use it as my "destination street" it wasn't as great. Because one of my criteria for the "destination streets" is that cars are still allowed. Therefore, I had to quickly change my plan. So, I turned my feet toward Davidshall's square hoping to make it for my 08.00 a clock start.

I did make it and I was looking forward to seeing several people walking by. However, this became my second surprise, as there was almost no one there...Instead, I spend most of the time watching my clock hoping that the time would pass a little bit faster. 

Although, those who did come by were mainly on their bikes, which was another surprise. I used to walk by this square every day during high school and I don't remember there being that many bikes. Instead, I remember it as a place to buy vintage or get a coffee. It might still be that way, but during the morning hours, it seems to have become more of a bike route.

All of these surprises have reminded me that cities can change fast and one should never assume that one knows a place just because one grew up there. Therefore, I'm now even more excited about the study in Malmö and to see what else I can find out about my old home town.

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