Library Hang

By now I have spent a few mornings outside different libraries and I have to say that it is an interesting experience. People gather up before the doors open and make it look as if there is some kind of big event happening. First to arrive are usually a group of homeless, they are followed by some older men (who most likely are there to do research) after that comes the younger crowd (who might be there to study) and last to arrive before the doors open are the moms with a pile of books to return. Why people are eager to be the first to arrive I'm not entirely sure, however, this gathering can easily begin an hour before opening time...

As this is a clear trend I'm actually wondering why people don't do something to make these people's wait more interesting? In Glasgow the doors are wooden so you can not see inside, there is no information for anyone to read and there is not even a bench in the street to sit on. In addition to that, it is a road that has little traffic and therefore could potentially become pedestrianized. I'm simply wondering how come no one does anything to enhance these people's wait. I'm not sure, but maybe this is an opportunity that someone will soon jump on.

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