Properly Green Biking

This morning I did the "green street" study, i.e. a study in a park-like street. As Glasgow doesn't have the exact type of street that I was looking for I went to Kelvingrove Park. It is a long park used by people trying to make shortcuts or looking for a place to hang out. Personally, I mainly use it day time and therefore I have never seen Kelvingrove's rush hour. 

But, now I have and it made me realize that it is a popular bike route in the morning. There were many bikes swooshing by and it actually felt pretty dangerous as there is no actual bike lane. I didn't see any accident but I'm sure there must be weekly ones. After having lived in the city I already knew that it's not a great city to bike in and many of my friends have been in accidents. Therefore, I understand why people choose the park over the roads. Although, in the long run, I don't see it as a solution, so I hope that Glasgow will wake up and put in more bike lanes soon. Or the danger might move from the car streets to the park?

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