Nothing Can Stop Them

It feels great to be back in Europe to do the study. The streets here are full of people and there is simply more to see and think about. Therefore, I am looking forward to this week when I get to focus on my study again.

By now I have completed two studies in Glasgow and I can already tell you that the daily traveling habits here are very different from America. People walk and walk and walk even if it's raining, windy and hilly. Walking is basically a form of commuting and it isn't strange to walk everywhere instead of taking the car. It basically doesn't seem to be much that can stop people from going outside. However, I am hoping that I will get a morning with nice weather soon in order to see if there are more people out on these days or if it stays the same. 

Even if the rain doesn't seem to affect people's behaviors, it has stopped me from taking pictures of my locations. Therefore, I will go out this afternoon to take a few, so stay tuned for some Glasgow pics.
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