How I Do My Study

By now you might be aware of the fact that my ongoing street study looks at how people behave in streets during rush hour when not traveling inside a car. However, I haven't talked very much about the method behind it. Therefore I thought it was about time to do so, especially as I'm about to start my fourth one in Glasgow this week.

I have tried to write out what I do step by step and I hope it will make sense and be relatively interesting. So, here we go!


  1. Choose what street and what block on the street I like to go to. I have a few different "types" of streets that I try to find in each city. Ex. a street with plenty of residential buildings leading to major public transportation station.
  2. 08.00-08.30 observe and count the people and their behavior. More specifically these ones: people walking, people walking with headphones, phone, both, food, dog, or company, people biking, people exercising, people on a skateboard, people with a personal mobility device, and people who are sitting down.
  3. 08.30-09.00 count physical objects in the street. Ex. benches, trees traffic lights etc.
  4. 09.00-09.30 observe and count people.again
  5. 09.30-10.00 take pictures, write down general observations 
  6. Go home and type up the data, count the percentages, analyze the map of the area and write out the general observations.
  7. Make some sort of conclusion and write a post for the blog 
It took a while before this became my method as I haven't done studies like this before but it was purposeful. I wanted to allow myself to make some changes as I learned more about what I was doing and I think it helped me to stay on my toes in terms of figuring out how to do it better next time around. Today I have also read Jan Gehl's book "Public Life Study" which has made me realize that when I do it the next time, there are a few things that I would like to change. Ex. I would like to go back to the same street several times rather than constantly changing street. I hope you found that interesting and helpful. 

Below is a picture describing the data from Singapore and LA.
Etiketter: streetact

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