The Parking Walk

One of the most common walks to make in America is the one between a parking spot and a building. In the morning one can see streams of people walking from a garage to their office and at weekends people hoard between shops and their car. Therefore, where parking is located very much determine where people walk and what they will see on their way. 

The closer parking is to one's destination the more likely one is to use it. How much it costs is also important as well as the opening hours of the garage. However, if the distance increased people would maybe get more used to walking a few blocks and leave their car when going short distances.

One way to make this happen might be if companies bought free parking for their employees a few blocks away from their office? Then the employees wouldn't have to pay and they might be more willing to walk the slightly longer distance to reach their office. I am not sure, however, it could be an interesting experiment to try out in order to transition from cars to walking.

So, to conclude maybe we could transform the walk between cars and buildings as a first step to make people consider other forms of transportation.

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