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I thought that it was about time for another favorites list. This time it comes from LA and I hope you might find it inspiring if you're heading over there anytime soon.

This vegan bistro is equally good for lunch and dinner as for some raw cake and coffee. It is in the middle of Echo Park and the atmosphere inside is relaxed but vibrant and the food never disappoints. Their weekend brunch is popular too.
The Smile’s Di Alba
Located on a street with fun boutiques this is a perfect place for a break or lunch. Their topped focaccia squares are a must and so is the coffee.
This chain has spots all over town however it still feels intimate. They are famous for their coffee but they also have great breakfast & snack alternatives.

Grand Central Market
This old brick building houses countless of food stands from all over the world. They are known for their Mexican vendors and a place called Eggslut but I kept going back for the avocado toast at Clark Street Bread.
DO NOT MISS this one! It doesn’t look like much from the outside but it is much more than you can imagine inside. Their menu is simple changes constantly but it focuses on West European cuisine. The same when it comes to the wine but the staff is happy and likes to tell you about it. 
Situated inside the courtyard of Hauser & Wirth Gallery this slightly more pricey restaurant has an exciting menu focusing on Mexican and American flavors but in a modern way. If you’re not hungry go for one of their tasty drinks and enjoy the happy and hip atmosphere.

Arts District Brewing Company
Are you a fan of beer and like to discover new flavors, then this is for you. This experimental brewery has an endless list of beer on tap perfect to enjoy on their terrace during the sunset.
Courage & Craft
I didn’t bar hop very much in LA, however, I picked up a bottle of wine every now and then to enjoy on our balcony. My favorite place to get it from was Courage & Craft. Their collection is small but interesting and very price worthy.

Eames House
I definitely wish that I could live here. With a view over the ocean, the Eames Foundation has remained the house as it was when the Eames couple lived here and even if they are no longer there you can feel their presence within the simple but specific architecture. 
Ramon C. Cortines School of Visual Arts
This playful concrete building can be seen from Downtown but it is worth the detour to see it up close. Try to get into the courtyard to see it properly but if your company get board they can check out the skaters that like to gather around it. 
This museum is worth to visit for its art but if you don’t feel like paying the entrance fee, head over to see it out from the outside. There are several buildings and some exterior sculptures that you don’t have to pay to see.

This art museum is free of charge and brings in the less ordinary artists. With galleries surrounding an internal courtyard the building has a calming effect and is a great space to experience art in.
Shulamit Nazarian
This is a smaller gallery that opened only in 2006. However, they have already moved to a new larger location. It is in Hollywood and has many nice places for food and drinks nearby too. 
Hauser & Wirth Gallery
This gallery is one of the more high-end galleries in the arts district. However, their spread out galleries can showcase both small and large exhibitions and is definitely a place I enjoy visiting.

LA is known for their many hiking trails but I only walked along one. It is the one that leads up to the Griffith Observatory. There are several different routes that take you to the top. They are all worth the view that also includes the Hollywood sign. There is another path starting by the observatory that leads all the way to the sign. If you don’t like to go there you can walk down again and head to one of the cafés in the hipster like Loz Feliz.

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