European Moving vs. American

Two weeks ago I helped two friends to move from Texas to Boston. This made me realize how differently young people in the States move in comparison to me, mainly because of the car.

To bring a car is basically as central as putting a bed in the bedroom. Therefore Americans tend to make long road trips in order to move both themselves and their car somewhere new. Young students also own cars, so they also move by bringing their car around. I do understand the positives about it as it allows one to leave when one likes, sleep in the car on the way and bring as much as one can possibly fit into the car.

However, if we like to create cities with fewer cars this becomes problematic. Because ones the car is there it is easy to jump into it instead of pulling out the bike or walk. So, maybe one of the reasons to why American cities are car centered is the fact that people in all ages move from place to place with their car? I am not sure but it is something our three-day road trip from Texas to Boston made me realize.

What do you think:

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