Parking Day

Most people go to Grand Central Market because of the food but when I went there this morning it was to find out how people behave around the small urban park outside the market hall. There they have replaced a number of parking spots with a simple installation of tables, umbrellas, plants, and seats and it has become a place where people go to hang out. Its simple design could work in many places and even if I went there alone my study showed that this is a street you go to when you have company. 

The space also reminds me of an initiative called Park(ing) Day. This initiative uses one day every year in order to transform metered parking spaces into temporary urban spaces for people to enjoy. It started by in 2005 by a studio in San Fransisco called Rebar but today it happens all over the world and has become a great way to showcase new forms of street usage. The good thing about it is that anyone who has an idea could take part by following their guidelines. So if you want to do something with your home street check it out. Who knows, maybe your installation will become permanent just like the park outside Grand Central Market.


The daily transformation of the urban park

Inside GCM and Eggslut's instagram famous sign
Inside GCM and Eggslut's instagram famous sign
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