The Commuter Types

After two months of studying the pavement's morning traffic, I have been able to identify a few different types of commuters As I have a fun time looking for them, I thought I share my favorites with you. So here they are:

  • The one that is running late, unaware of what's around them and desperately creates new shortcuts.
  • The calm controlled one that had time to pick-up a coffee and walks with big steps looking straight ahead.
  • The one that is still half asleep with headphones plugged in, making sure no one disturbs their morning bubble. 
  • The business traveler with their face going between google maps and the street numbers. No one wants to walk into the wrong building...
Which one are you? And who do you think we should design the streets for? According to this morning's study, it should be the solo walker with either headphone and/or something to eat or drink in their hand. Because that is one of the more common behaviors outside the OUE building and the Public Library in DTLA during rush hour. 
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