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Last year I went to a lecture by Riccardo Marini. He introduced the "Gehl Theory" which talks about making streets for the human scale. The idea is that when streets are narrow and the buildings are short than it is easier for people to relate to what is around them. Consequently, the pedestrians can easier feel confident and secure which helps when creating a vibrant street.

However, in Los Angeles, most streets are very wide and in the downtown area, there are also several sky scrapers. Therefore, the scale is definitely not human and I seldom see people using the street furniture or sit in the cafés' outdoor seats. Consequently, I am starting to think about what could be done in DTLA to make it a vibrant city centr similar to European cities.

I have a few ideas that I am developing and when I have concluded on something I will share them with you. Meanwhile, I like to recommend this documentary. It is made by Gehl Architects and has been a big inspiration for me and what I work on at the moment.

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