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After my time in Singapore, I get asked where should I go in the city? Therefore, here is a short guide I hope it will be helpful. 

Forty Hands
Located along the hip “must visit street” Yong Siak Road, Forty Hands has amazing coffee, the best Brunch, and cakes that suit everyone. Even those who are a gluten and lactose intolerant. 
This is a bit more expensive but after a hike in the Mac Ritchie Reservoir, it could be worth it. It’s a place for "coffee-snobs" and those who like delicious food. You can also refresh with a beer or fun sparkling drinks.
Riders Café
Looking for a place to brunch? Go here! It’s located in a forest in an old horse stall and you get a feeling of being away from the city out in the countryside. The food here is really good and you can find many new varieties of classic brunch dishes.

Potato Head Folk
Even if you’re not in the mood for food, go to their roof terrace to grab a drink. The vibe is relaxed and it is a great hangout during the sunset. They are famous for their burgers, but as a vegetarian, I skip those and order some corn on the cob with all the extras.
Open Farm Community
This place has a slightly higher price-tag but for special occasions, I can recommend it. It has a great atmosphere and you’re basically sitting in a greenhouse. Their food concept focuses on greens that they grow in their garden. This place makes me wish I had a higher salary.
Singapore has many good Italian restaurants but nothing beats sharing a mozzarella, platter and some Italian red wine at D.O.P. It is located by Singapore River and you can end the dinner with a stroll along the water. Maybe over to Clark Quay for some more drinks?

Level 33
If you don’t like to crowd with the tourists at Marina Bay Sands head to Level33’s terrace. It’s a micro brewery located high up in a banking building. It has many interesting brews and you can complement it with tasty bar snacks or a full sit-down dinner.
Club Street 
During the evening this street is closed off and bars and restaurants take over There are many good spots and together they create a vibrant atmosphere worth checking out.

Tiong Bharu
Singapore’s first public housing buildings are located here and they are definitely worth seeing. I personally find them beautiful and their low rise design creates a nice feeling in the surrounding streets. Here is also a good wet-market that always has nice fruit, fish, and veg.
Park Royal Hotel
Park Royal is a really interesting building when it comes to “green architecture”. If you’re an architecture nerd like me, google it before you go and find out more about the building’s hidden features. Also, be nice to the receptionist and you might get to see more than the fascinating entrance level.
Singapore’s Opera House is also worth a visit. Have a look at the outside and then head up to the rooftop.There you get a nice view over the whole bay.

Gillman Barracks
Singapore’s art scene is slowly starting to buzz and Gillman Barracks is one of the leaders in this new time. Go and spend some time here if you like looking at art.
Singapore Art Museum 
Singapore Art Museum is a bit more established and shows a good variety of emerging local artists and world known ones. Don’t forget to check out their events schedule, there is often something happening here.

Blu Jazz Café
This place is located on one of the few streets that get pedestrianized in Singapore. There are many fun bars and restaurants in the neighborhood and in the evening this is the place for jazz and a few beers with your friends.

There are many well-arranged hiking trails in Singapore and I think that no one should miss them out. There are walks for all levels however some of them are only open during the weekend, so make sure you check that before you go. Another tip is to head out as early in the morning as possible. It gets hot in Singapore! I would personally recommend MacRitchie, Southern Ridges, and Pulau Ubin but for more hikes and information check out NParks.

Here is a PDF version that is easy to download and bring along.

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