Look At the Stressed Ones For Inspiration

In Sweden Easter is a public holiday and if you go out in street you hardly see anyone walking in their job suit. However, in America, it's different and therefore I saw several people rushing to their offices when I was studying people's behavior in Grand Park this morning. 

It even turned out to be those who were rushing that were the most interesting to watch. They needed to do what they could to cut down on time and started to design their own streets through the park. The fact that the lower level of Grand Park is dominated by a big lawn without cars helped. People who were in a hurry could take whatever way that was fastest for them.

However, those who were not in a hurry (maybe they were on their Easter break) would obey the pre-designed paths and be required to make a detour around the big lawn - no one dared to step outside the box. So, ones again we see that pressure help us to be creative and maybe it is those that are in a hurry that we should look at when designing our paths and streets?

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