Four Wheels Doesn't Need to Be a Car

Now I've finally arrived in LA! Here I have a flat in Chinatown and an office in the Arts District, but I'm hoping to go way beyond when studying this city's streets. However, I did decide to start local and this morning I went to a street around the corner from my office. It was bright and sunny but more importantly, it introduced a whole new vehicle to my study - boards. 

We all know that Americans take pride in their cars but E 3rd St showed me that they also like their long- and skateboards. For fun, I decided to compare the two and it made me wonder if boards could be the future means of transport in the States? Look at this:

1. "Boarders" talk about their boards in the same way as drivers talk about their cars 
2. Both boarding and driving increases your travel speed and takes you from A to B faster
3. They share the fact that you can personalize your vehicle
4. They can both create a feeling of freedom when beeing used 

However, boards remove many of the problems that cars have:

1. You're not required to be a certain age to use one
2. You're less likely to die when traveling on one
3. They help you to stay healthy
4. They only pollute the air when being produced

So, maybe we should forget cars as our prime four-wheeler and start to relate the four wheels with boards? I'm not sure but it creates a thrilling image in my head.

LA skater
LA skater
No more cars or car-parks
No more cars or car-parks
E 3rd Street
E 3rd Street
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