Don't Walk Into Me

Now I'm back from Korea and it has been two weeks of crazy experiences. Unfortunately, I wasn't able to do a full street analysis but I have made some observations (in addition to the one I wrote about in the previous post) that I like to share with you. 
The first one is about their divided zebra walks. Not only in Seoul (a city with 10 million inhabitants) but in all the places we went they try to make sure that no one walks into each other by splitting their crossings into two. One half is for those walking from one side and another half for those coming from the other side. Although, even is this is how they try to manage big and small crowds the general person completely ignores the suggestion and walks wherever they like. 
So, the question is if this division actually helps people from walking into each other, or is it better to try finding something that prevents people from looking down into their phone when crossing the street? Because according to me this seems to generate more collision then if people walk on the wrong half of the crossing. I'm not sure but I will continue looking for something that could prevent people from walking into each other. Or actually, maybe it is good if people do? Not sure yet...​​

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