When I walked down River Valley Road this morning I didn't expect finding people practicing their faith in the street. Mainly as it’s a heavy trafficked road known for its expat community. But after 30 min of counting various people I realised that this is the case. Pedestrians (almost only those above 70 years old) would stop in front of one of the shop houses. There they would turn towards the building, put their palms together, bow, say a short prayer and then continue walking. At first I couldn’t see what they were praying to but later I realised that it must be some sort of Chinese Clan. I can’t read Chinese so I can't be completely sure but their doors were open and you could see an altar from the street. This street act actually gave the pavement a special atmosphere and I find it very beautiful that people took a moment to give a thought to something higher right there in the middle of the street. 

Woman Praying

This also reminded me about the fact that you don’t need to own the road to make an impact on its activities. You could simply do something on your own land as long as it connects with those on the pavement. What it could be, when not linked to religion, I don’t know yet but I will definitely explore the idea and see where it could end up.


Two other clans along the streets (or at least my analysis have concluded that they are)

By the way, for those who haven’t come across Chinese Clans before I would personally say that it is a closed community who suportes each other through generations in various ways. One important way to show support is to pray, especially for those who are dead and now live a new life. 

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