The Senior's Street


When I headed out this morning I didn't know what street I wanted to check out. I only knew I wanted to go to an area called Ang Mo Kio. So, I took the MRT (metro), got a bit lost and accidentally found a walking and biking street next to Ang Mo Kio Ave. 8, underneath the LRT (a metro above ground). The path felt quite ruff due to the concrete and the car's noise but it still, seemed to be a popular spot among the seniors. They were catching up on the benches, walking up and down the stretch and the older men were active along the bike lane. This bike trend among the senior men seem to be following me wherever I go in this city... 

Another thing I realized was that this is a hot spot for all those who exercise. Several people were running or power walking back and forth and when they passed me the fifth and six time I started to wonder if they tried to figure out what I was doing or if they actually had no other place to run? There is also an outdoor gym that can be used to get a proper workout, but unfortunately, both the gym and the path were often empty. The whole street was actually very quiet, even during rush hour. You could find some students hanging out, as there are some schools in the area, but otherwise it was sadly fairly empty. Maybe it's only busy during the weekend when people have time off? Or it might not be well enough connected to peoples flats? I don't know, but I will try to go back during a weekend to find out. 
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