Old men taking over the bikes

Today I have been hanging out in Jln Membina. It is a street with mainly HDB flats and condominiums but since there is an MRT station and a shopping centre in one end it has become the pedestrian's boulevard.


The morning rush hour brought the head phone wearing office people to the street whereas the food shoppers and old men on bikes came out after the rush hour. I had already expected there to be many people with music in their ears (average 18%) but what came as a surprise was the fact that I didn't see a single female on a bike. Instead it was the retired men who completely dominated the bike scene. Why it is like that, I have absolutely no clue but I assume that it must be the biggest trend among these men at the moment. If this is the case around the rest of the island we will have to wait and see.

Before I finish writing for today I have to point out that since there are no bike lanes along Jln Membina the bikers either drove on the pavement or in the street. Slightly tricky I have to admit; especially when you try to pass a biker under the narrow pavements sheltering.

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