Bye bye Glasgow

No words have been written here in a while but much have happened. I have finished my bachelor, said goodbye to Glasgow, traveled Scotland, visited London and moved back to Sweden. It has been one of the most adrenaline packed times in my life but it has also made me realize how the complexity of the Glasgow School of Art lets its students down. The school is one of the places where I have met the most incredible people in my life and therefore it makes me sad that the institute does not seem to trust them. Student's proposed projects are often turned down, pushed away or discouraged and I wish it would be the opposite. Hopefully the recent movements within the school will be heard and things changed in the near future.

However, in this "leaving Glasgow post", I would also like to lift up a few people that works for the school and who have made my time there very special. Thank you Ambrose, Lee, Tilo, Stewart, Suzanne and Nick for being bold and finding the energy to run your race within the narrow frames of the school. You have inspired me greatly! And since I am now starting my search for another university (where I can study my master) I hope that I will find more people like you.

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