New favorite Word

Yesterday my friend asked me about my favorite word and my answer to her was cozy. Since then I have not stopped thinking about her question and I think I have changed my mind. My favorite word is actually no longer cozy but anxiety. Sorry Brittany I know how much you like when I say cozy,

The word anxiety contains both an x and a y, two very beautiful letters, and most importantly, its meaning is the most magnificent thing we all carry with us every day. Personally, I have loads of anxiety at times, much due to personal expection and fair of failure, and this is my biggest strength. I almost only get anxious about things I care about. Therefore, I use it as my tool to know that I'm doing the right thing. I thank you God for often being so clear about that. At the same time it helps me to know when to take a break and do something else for a little while. Otherwise, I easily become too absorbed in what I do and stress starts to build up. SO, anxiety is my new answer to you Daisy and I will definitely copy Roland Hjort's sweater idea above.

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